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Anavar Cycle For Men and Women

Anavar is known as one the safest anabolic steroids available in the market. Bodybuilders use Anavar cycle to get rid of extra body fat gained in bulking cycle. Bulking is a period when you consume extra calories to achieve muscle mass and enormous strength so that you can perform under intense conditions. Although there are several side effects reported by users which makes it non favorable for cutting. This is the very same reason that large number of muscle builders are converting to legal steroids which are safe and legal with no side effects.

Anavar cycle is very famous amongst bodybuilders as this anabolic steroid removes fat from your both and do not minimize your muscle ratio. Cutting cycle means to cut your body fat in order to achieve a well defined lean muscular body. While passing through cutting period, professional recommend to lower the calorie intake so that you body can achieve less fat. Lowering the calorie intakes means you will also lack energy and strength for workouts. That is why use of anabolic steroids becomes necessary as they are specially manufactured to boost your stamina and strength in both bulking and cutting seasons. If you want to enjoy summer with fit and fat free body, you have to execute your cutting cycle in a best possible way. Anavar steroid helps you improve the metabolism process in your body which leads to less fat gain while consuming calories. If you want to gain more rapid results than you stack with other fat loss supplements to achieve desired results. Some of the prominent advantages of this steroid are:

  •     It an ideal supplement for cutting cycles with rapid effects.
  •     The anti-catabolic ability of Anavar helps to preserve lean muscle mass.
  •     Perfect for gaining hard physique with well defined muscles.
  •     It helps to improve strength while burning fat.

When it comes to using Anavar in proper way, most bodybuilders lose their look due to no information. Experts recommend the right dosage for men is to take 50mg to 80mg per day. The mentioned dose is ideal for cutting cycle but if you want to gain maximum result you can extent the dosage to 100mg. Remember that high dosage is only for professionals. Commonly Anavar provide you perfect cutting results in just 6 to 8 weeks. When it comes to steroids usage in women, we all know that they can use very few steroids due to their physiology. Anavar is one of those steroids that women can use and therefore it is called The Girl steroid. Very few people know that Anavar can provide more benefits to women then man. Women can use Anavar in their cutting as well as bulking cycles but remember that it works fine only in cutting for men. A common dosage for women athlete is 10mg per day which can be extended to 20mg but in rare cases. The ideal cycle for women consists of 6 weeks. With the break of 3 to week, they can safely resume another cycle.

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