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Essential Muscle Building Foods for Body Building

Even if you are a disciplined, experienced bodybuilder who meticulously follows the recommended workout routines, it is still unlikely that you will have your desired body if not accompanied by a healthy diet. Because muscle building foods are essential to maximizing your body’s potential, it is still best to follow a strict diet plan in order for you to gain muscles fast. Bodybuilding is something different than a regular fitness exercise. You must have to consider your dietary pattern for your desired results. Below are some of the essential muscles building foods that successful bodybuilders include?


You can’t expect to build muscles fast without the help of proteins since your body is mostly made up of proteins and water. The intake of protein is essential to the body, as it will allow you to get all the needed amino acids of your body. Since there are 20 different types of amino acids, it is also advisable to vary the sources of proteins that you eat. Rich sources of proteins would be lean beef, fish, chicken or turkey, raw egg and egg whites, and dairy products.

Protein Shakes and other Meal Replacements

The meal replacements are convenient when you do not have enough time or energy to cook and prepare food. You can try whey proteins as they are easily consumed and digested by the body. This act is perfect as a post workout meal, since your body can quickly digest the proteins it needs for muscle building and tissue repair. You can also eat casein and egg protein shakes. They are slow to digest, taking up mostly 4-8 hrs, so it is perfect to eat before you sleep so your body can still get the proteins it needs even when you are sleeping.

Carbohydrates and Fats

You can’t build muscle without eating carbs and fats. If you do not consume enough carbs and fats, your body will burn the stored carbs needed for muscle building, so you won’t gain muscle fast.


Drinking lots of water will replenish your body, and allow the body to repair damaged tissues faster.

Importantly, Muscle Building Food doesn’t mean building muscles for you but it is an essential food that aids in muscle building. Also, you must consume all above mentioned food essentials after your workout in order to prevent your body from a catabolic state. You may consider carbohydrate as well as protein supplements if you fail to eat after your workout or your body go into a catabolic state.

If you are serious about you muscle building then, you must be serious towards your diet. You also have to put your attention on protein supplements. When its bodybuilding there are some others issues that require your attention also like vitamins, minerals and your adequate sleep. Particularly sleep is very important for bodybuilders as it helps to restore your brain function and prepare for intense training session. Protein synthesis and hormone growth enhanced well during sleep. Apart from the right food you must get eight to ten hour quality sleep in the night.

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